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At Gold Medal Service, we have generations of experience providing industry-leading HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services in New Jersey. We're proud to have served more than 100,000 customers and counting, keeping homeowners safe and comfortable. We're available 24/7 to deliver exceptional service, with no extra charge for Saturday and Sunday calls. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ BBB rating, and we've been recognized by brands, publications, and satisfied customers for our outstanding service. When you choose Gold Medal Service as your contractor, you're making the smart choice for all of your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs.

Restoration dept came first despite we clearly said we didn't needed it. After $416 to unclog with 6 mo warranty, a "camera guy" came to inspect the pipe and wanted to take away the guarantee because we needed to remove 1/32" "sludge" from a 4" drain pipe! This is a completely unethical way of conducting business! I wonder how many elderly, unprepared and/or unknowing individuals fall prey of these tactics! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT CALL ROTO-ROOTER! You will have to pay out the nose for a simple rooting and then some, otherwise you lose the "warranty". Shame!

Water pressure should be checked at least once a year or whenever you have a plumber in your home. When we visit a doctor, no matter the reason, they will always check a patient’s blood pressure. Water pressure should be treated similarly. A pressure-reducing device in proper working order is incredibly important to maintaining a healthy water delivery system in your home. Water pressure should never exceed 80 psi. Anything reading above 80 psi. is an indication of a failing water pressure-reducing device and should be addressed as soon as possible. If you're unsure about your water pressure, we can visit your home and use a gauge to measure your incoming water pressure for you. Then we can discuss any options that might be available to give you peace of mind and ensure a healthy water system.
On 3/9 my husband attempted to put our “new” dishwasher in. Before we knew it we had a hot water gusher going in our kitchen that we could not stop. We called our usual plumber and he could not come for two days. So we looked online and called Pro-Service and spoke to Kelly. She listened and while she was locating someone to come help us she gave us advice on shutting down the gusher. She sent Tommy and kept us updated as to his timing which was very quick! He shut down the gusher and replace the broken valve so we asked him to come back and install the dishwasher. On 3/10 he returned and installed the dishwasher which was defective and showed us problem areas. He was quick and efficient and the price for both repairs was very reasonable. I would highly recommend this company and its employees. I have already recommended them to my friends.

In life, many people are always going to need three things: a caring mother for which they turn to for advice, an honest father who will always tell them the truth, and a reliable plumber to fix and repair everything from the pipes in your walls to the garbage disposal in your sink. Fox Service Company is proud to be Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown, TX’s industry-leading plumbing provider for over four decades. Whether it’s a small plumbing project or an extensive plumbing repair, Fox Service Company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get the job done.
When you need reliable, skilled plumbers, trust Roto-Rooter in Philadelphia. You'll find plumbing professionals that specialize in installation of appliances and fixtures, sewer and drain cleaning and all repairs. Our experts are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for plumbing emergencies at your home or business. Since 1935, Roto-Rooter has been the top name in sewer and drain cleaning services. To find out why, call our helpful customer service representatives to schedule your appointment.
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Plumbing is one of the most challenging systems in your house to repair and maintain, and when things go wrong with your plumbing it means big-time discomfort and damage. What is worse, water used in the plumbing system is constantly eroding and wearing it away. It is only a matter of time before you will have a leak. Whether you need help with your water heater, toilets, faucets or other fixtures, when you need help, give us a call! No one understands plumbing repairs in Logan, Cache Valley and Brigham City better than Jerry’s Plumbing Repair!
Called for a leaky faucet and standing water in a cabinet. A technician came for approximately 5 minutes, opened up the cabinet and said that he thought that the dishwasher drain was clogged and, as a result, water was backing up into the cabinet under the sink. Although my husband pointed out where the leak was, the technician dismissed his concern regarding the faucet. After he left, my husband reached out to the company to address the drain clog. While waiting for that technician to arrive water was dripping along the garbage disposal. As such, the company sent another technician to determine whether the garbage disposal was the cause of the water in the cabinet.
Plumbers in Australia have licensing requirements that differ from state to state but it is generally accepted a 4-year apprenticeship with a further minimum experience of 2 years (6 years total) and a further curricular requirement as a benchmark for licensing. Licensed plumbers are also expected to maintain minimum relevant training requirements to maintain their plumbing license
Worked at the Chicago call center for 2 years, it was a very steady job and at times extremely stressful. It pays well, but the it can also make you feel like never leaving house. They have health care, decent benefits, and they do like to do things to make the employees feel appreciated. Management sometimes really sucks and they do pick favorites.
Plumbing professionals on the Handy platform offer permanent solutions to plumbing problems, saving you time and money. With their experience and expertise, they'll be able to protect you against a range of hazards, such as exposure to foul water and even flooding. Often, these hazards are caused by an unqualified homeowner, thinking they can tinker their way to success. Using a professional plumber, you don't need to run those risks. However, Handy isn't just for the big jobs—you can book a plumber for work of any size. Whether you need a clogged drain dealt with or a full-scale water heater installation, booking plumbing services through Handy ensures that the job is done right the first time.
Heaney Plumbing & Heating relies on the most advanced diagnostic tools to assess your pipes. Through camera line inspection, sewer video inspection and other methods, not only can we tell if a plumbing repair or upgrade is warranted, but we can quickly determine where and how to perform it. With our help, your home or business will never be vulnerable to unseen decay.
We called Roto-Rooter to unclog our master bathroom shower drain which is the third time we've had Roto-Rooter do this service for us over a three year period. They came on time and did a good job. My only grievance is the outrageous price they charged. It took the plumber around 25 minutes using a motorized snake to unclog the drain. They charged $527.92 after deducting a $40 coupon. This is an OUTRAGEOUS fee for a pretty simple job. I am a senior citizen recently retired. It is my fault that I used them again. My recommendation is to shop around because this job should have only cost around $150-$200 for less than 30 minutes work.

With experience and expertise, your plumber will be able to inspect your plumbing fixtures and identify where any problems may have originated. With the right tools on hand, they’ll be able to fix the problem, right there and then. If your water heater has  triggered a full-blown flood, they’ll know exactly how and where to shut off the water supply. Should the flood be the result of a burst pipe, they’ll be able to change it before it can do any additional damage. Plumbers know a lot about their craft that we do not, and the Handy platform gives you the opportunity to book them and benefit from their knowledge and ability.

I have a backyard storm drain which is essential to prevent rain water from flooding my backyard. I called to have it cleaned out, as it has been slow. There are four smaller drains which were working fine. When they arrived they charged me $900 to clean the four smaller drains, and then gave me an estimate of $2,300 to replace the large, essential drain. I almost agreed, since it is a problem when it backs up. The next week I asked my regular lawn maintenance folks to look it over. He noted that there was mud in the trap and said that PVC pipes were not likely to break in the way Roto-Rooter described. Needless to say that the pipe was not broken, and the lawn folks cleaned it without charging me anything.
Went in for a interview for restoration sales, was told I have to drive my own vehicle. With low base salary per week and .54 cents on the mile. Very very unprofessional. Would you hire a restoration company to your home showing up in a 96 Honda Civic... trying to sell you a restoration job worth 4,000$. Absolutely not. Yes they pay you gas, but the miles that will be racked up on your vehicle, wear and tear and additional damages.. having to raise your insurance for use for work. Absolutely ridiculous.
Len The Plumber is a full service plumbing and drain cleaning company serving the entire Baltimore, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Delaware and the Philadelphia Area as well as Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William, Falls Church, Manassas, Delaware, Chester, New Castle, and Stafford counties. We are continuing to grow and expand our service areas so please continue to check-in to see if we are in your area and always feel free to call if you have a question. Our service area map shows all the counties and district that we currently serve.
Worked at the Chicago call center for 2 years, it was a very steady job and at times extremely stressful. It pays well, but the it can also make you feel like never leaving house. They have health care, decent benefits, and they do like to do things to make the employees feel appreciated. Management sometimes really sucks and they do pick favorites.

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When you call us, your call will be answered by a trained customer service representative who knows how to ask all the right questions, to get your needs taken care of quickly and effectively. From the moment you call to the time you receive a written guarantee for the work we've completed, you can rest assured that we will “GET IT ROTO-ROOTER RIGHT” every step of the way.
Excellent service by Edwin G., field tech was professional and efficient. Problem was assessed and I was advised what was needed to fix the problem. Price was quoted. It was nice the fact that he entered my home wearing plastic booties over his shoes. I am very satisfied with my experience today with John Moore. In the event I have plumbing issues in the future I will definitely call John Moore. Thanks Edwin G. for a job well done!
In 2009, Roto-Rooter introduced a book titled Chilling Tales From The Porcelain Seat which featured "true tales of the strange & unexplained things that happen and the Roto-Rooter Heroes that can fix them."[5] Roto-Rooter asked its plumbers throughout North America to submit true stories about the odd things they have encountered on the job such as strange items recovered from toilets and sewer pipes.