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We provide a wide range of services from leaky faucets to water heater replacements and repairs. We proudly install American made Bradford-White brand water heaters. We service what we sell. That means should anything ever happen just give us a call. We can fix it for you. We also typically handle water heater replacements and repairs the same day. We frequently receive calls from customers who purchased water heaters from companies like Sears and Home Depot and are unable to get service on their water heater for 2 or 3 days.That is absurd! We understand your situation and promise to come out and help as soon as possible.
I'm looking about spanning 15' for a gazebo. trying to figure out what dimension beams I need. The Gazebo will be 15'x10'. How big will the beams have to be. at 1/2 the distance on 15' I will have a perpendicular beam running to carry 2x4's running parallel to 15' beam edge. I live in California in there with be no roofing material.. I will be using redwood for lumber Thanks
Had a leak in a pipe under my kitchen sink, which flooded my cabinets and covered my kitchen floor with water. Called in to Roto Rooter and they said they can send someone in the same day, within a few hours of my call. The technician arrived promptly within the window they gave me. He was extremely knowledgeable and identified the issue immediately. He said they were 2 options to fix the problem and provided me with the cost estimates (his quotes were comparable, if not cheaper than the other places I talked to). In less than 1 hour the pipe was replaced and he even cleaned my cabinets and kitchen floor. I am very satisfied with the quality, efficiency and cost of the whole repair and I would definitely recommend using their services.
Welcome to Jerry’s Plumbing Repair Official Website. If you are looking for a quality service plumber you have come to the right place. With experienced, background-checked service plumbing technicians, you know you are getting the best quality plumbing service available. We are fast and reliable, and can provide same-day service in most cases. If you have a plumbing problem, or even just have a question for the plumbing service professionals, you have come to the right place.
They're decent plumbers, but expensive (as most are).  They showed up after the designated window and when we called to ask about their arrival, the office didn't pick up the phone. They completed the service quickly, but then refused to accept a valid coupon when presented at the time of payment. Apparently we had to mention it as soon as the plumber walked in the door, even though we left it right next to the sink he was working on. He then blamed us for not knowing the company policy.
Even attempting to fix your plumbing problems on your own without proper knowledge can cause massive problems down the line. Book your plumber using the Handy platform and you’ll be matched with professionals who know just what they’re doing. Experienced and practiced in their craft, they’ll provide you with the best job at a price that won’t break the bank. When you use Handy to find plumbing services, you can rest assured that you’ll be connected with a capable plumbing expert who will get your job done without being a pain in the wallet.

Of course, some repairs are easier and quicker to handle than others. Some are a major hassle—particularly those that involve working on pipes that are hidden behind walls or under floors or are otherwise difficult to access. This doesn’t mean you can’t do them yourself, it just means you may need a little more instruction, a few more tools, and a load of patience.

TCR Rooter and Plumbing Repair has been providing professional service for our customers since 1993, and maintain the same quality of service for you today. Your satisfaction is our goal and we work hard to provide you with the best service in Northern Arizona. With our skilled team of certified, professional plumbers, we work to provide you with smart, satisfactory work for all your plumbing needs. New construction, remodels, leak repairs, sewer and water line replacements, water heaters, and any and all other service needs or emergencies you may have, we have your back. Look through our website or give us a call for more information on the services we provide and see what we could do for you.
Water pressure should be checked at least once a year or whenever you have a plumber in your home. When we visit a doctor, no matter the reason, they will always check a patient’s blood pressure. Water pressure should be treated similarly. A pressure-reducing device in proper working order is incredibly important to maintaining a healthy water delivery system in your home. Water pressure should never exceed 80 psi. Anything reading above 80 psi. is an indication of a failing water pressure-reducing device and should be addressed as soon as possible. If you're unsure about your water pressure, we can visit your home and use a gauge to measure your incoming water pressure for you. Then we can discuss any options that might be available to give you peace of mind and ensure a healthy water system.
While at roto-rooter my plumbing knowledge increased ten - fold. Your job assignments were dispatch over the phone.Plumbing jobs varied from to include but not limit to gas line replacement, repair water leaks, faucet repair / replacement to sewer cleaning and water heater repair / replacement. The cut - throat work climate made working there unenjoyable.

I was familiar with the product sold by the company Roto-Rooter if you ordered by phone or when they came for service, so it's not new to me. It cleans your drains without damaging them. I have been using it for over 15 years. I found the individual bottles a nuisance, I prefer the big bottle that I measure and there is not so much waste of plastic bottle.

Here is another great plumber facility. They come quickly to your rescue and they do an awesome job. Their prices are great as well. You are back working in on time. I used this plumber because of a recommendation and was very pleased. I had to call after work and they sent some one out right away. The repairman was very fastand fixed the problem before i even knew what was really wrong
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For the past 30+ years, BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati has served the area by providing the highest quality plumbing repairs and installations throughout the entire area. Our Cincinnati plumbing company, based in Loveland, takes pride in being a family-owned and locally-operated business. Whether your sewer lines, water lines, faucets, drains or toilets need servicing, our team is equipped with the best knowledge and experience to get the issues fixed fast and quick. Our licensed and experienced plumbers are always on standby when duty calls.
On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, Roto-Rooter representative Gau came out to my house give a free estimate on my plumbing issues which was a clogged laundry room sink. He made the issue out to be more serious than what it was by mentioning my sewer and that it was something I could not do myself. I called out from my job thinking this was going to be a long process based upon the quote and treatment that was needed. Gau snaked the drain in 10 minutes and poured Drano down the sink. I asked him was that it and mentioned this was something I could have done myself. He does not control the pricing and it is a typical fee for Roto-Rooter to charge $504.66. I do not want another single female to be taken advantage. This is expensive service charge for snaking drain. Roto-Rooter should not mislead people on what services needed to clear an issue.
I called four plumbing companies on a late Friday evening. I only received a call back from Roto-rooted. They had someone out in less than two hours. Sailo was professional and super helpful. He got the job done quick and efficiently. I was scared to call Roto-rooter because I assumed their prices would be too high. I'm glad I made the leap of faith.
Roto-Rooter was featured in the SyFy television show Ghost Hunters (2004–2016) as the two founders of TAPS work for Roto-Rooter as plumbers in the company's Providence, Rhode Island branch. There are segments featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson working as plumbing technicians in their day jobs at Roto-Rooter in between paranormal investigations on the show. Additionally, a Roto-Rooter van is shown in the opening segment of each episode.